World Heritage of UNESCO

The Park

The National park of Djoudj, located at 60 kms in the north-east of Saint-Louis, is one of the greatest Africans sites of wintering of the migratory birds, The dugout ride makes it possible to surprise thousands of birds. The ceaseless spectacle that they offer in flight is unforgettetable : ducks, will herons, brushes, small waders, falcons kestrels, black milans, pelicans, pink flamingos, cormorants ….

Except the birds, the wildlife is very varied : you will see along the tracks, the phacocheres. The jackals are very commons and constitute even a danger to the birds nesting on the ground, particularly the pelicans. Among the other carnivorous, one notes the presence of chives, mongeese, Libyans cats , Dorcas gazelles, manatees, crocodiles, warans and pythons snake of Sebae.

It is this universe which we would like to make you discover, understand, share and love.

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